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About us

What is Láser Audiovisuales

We are a leading company in the audiovisual sector, composed by professionals, dedicated to the world of image and sound, which seeks to offer its customers the best service in rental and installation of audiovisual events.

The result is an incomparable experience when organizing your audiovisual events. Not only because of our professionalism and years of experience, but also, we pay special attention to innovation (both technically and creatively) so each project has a novel and unique character.

Laser was born in 1988 in San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa), and through the years has expanded its activity and has been adapted to meet all the audiovisual needs currently demanded by companies from all sectors.

Today, it continues to offer a wide range of audiovisual equipment for rent for the realization of events with the aim of providing quality service and professionalism.

Mission: to cover the audiovisual needs of the client, in the organization of their events (fairs, congresses, conventions …) in a personalized and innovative way.

Vision: the objective is to detect the needs of the client, through a direct relationship with him, committing to their needs and achieving the desired result.

Values: professionalism, innovation, quality, commitment, personalized attention and orientation to results.